Crash Video Recording

The first video for the new album “In the garden of Eve” is out!!
A story of beauty and rage, light and darkness. Filmed at down at the incredible “enchanted forest Park” and at America Fimworks studios in Miami Florida.

With ideas sprung from Micaela Rozas, Alejo Rozas, and Joaquin Berrios , plus the lighting mastery of Ignacio Medrano Carbo, the imagery for the Video was born.
Using simple tools and a generous amount of patience, astonishing looks were achieved.
Joana Hughes, Singer in the Album, is the fairy and the Enchantress, a character torn between two worlds. The beauty that cant cope with the darkness within…Temptation.
Andrea Liggieri, Argentinean modern dancer gave life to Darkness. A powerful performance that personified Rage…the monster we have within.
A must see!! Tune in to KZK’s Youtube Channel!!

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