Sleep – The Perro Grande Project E.P. Release

Sleep - The Perro Grande Project

After more than a decade, five songs from Berrios originally proposed LP are finally going to see the light of day!! “SLEEP” The Perro Grande Project EP.
An Ensemblemade of classmates form Berklee featuring drummer Rolando Gonzales and Bassist Rafols Morales.

With powerful and straightforward Rock Songs, the EP is a portrait of an epoch…the controversial two thousands with all it’s political turmoil…what’s changed under the sun!?
“Sleep” by Perro Grande, is a stormy day in an Ocean of Electric guitars…not for the faint of hart!
The Album cover features beloved friend Perro Pippo and Micaela Rozas Art “Sleep”
The songs were re-mastered by French music producer and Mastering Engineer Zach Mayer.

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