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About KZK RecordsWho We Are

Founded by Joaquin Berrios and Micaela Rozas in 2008, KZK RECORDS is an Independent Music Label based in Miami FL.

It is our aim to release the Music we truly love from Family and friends. Support, produce, promote and distribute the Our work.

We take pride in the fact that we manufacture our own products, recording, mixing, mastering, designing, filming, animating…learning whatever techniques are required to bring our art across.
We believe that the relationship of friends supporting friends is personal. When you are here, obtaining art, you make us stronger. You are part of the creation…in return, we hope, we’ll do the same for you.

The digital revolution is ever evolving and the tools to conquer are at our disposal. Long Live The Arts!!

Meet The Team

Micaela Rozas Webmaser / Vice President

Micaela Rozas

Missionary from the Muses and a Muse herself, Micaela is the face and the good looks of our Company. She’s the light for those lost in darkness and shade for those blinded by the Light.

Webmaster / Co-founder

Joaquin Berrios Audio Producer

Joaquin Berrios

A fugitive from Madness with the ears of a Gazelle. An Acolyte of Sound… deranged painter of Time.


Artist / Co-founder

Pablo Berrios Photography

Pablo Berrios

Musician, Architect, Photographer. Philosopher & a Scholar.

Artist / Photographer

Pippo - Artists and repertoire


Artists and Repertoire


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