Micaela Rozas - Nightmare Adagio Album 2001

Nightmare Adagio

  • Artist: Micaela Rozas
  • Release Date: 2001
  • Genre:
  • Produced By: KZK Records

Music performed in the midst of romance. The birth of love thru a collection of songs…the foundations for KZK Records…Micaela and Joaquin. The album was conceived and recorded in their one bedroom apartment with a laptop two mics and a couple of bottles of wine. The beauty behind the simple things…highly recommendable with a dose of Love.

• Recorded at KZK Records Studios MIAMI FL 2001
• Guitar, clarinet and Vocals: Micaela Rozas
• Guitar, bass and vocals: Joaquin Berrios
• Drums: Alejo Rozas
• Recorded and Mixed by Joaquin Berrios
• Mastered by Rafols Morales

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