Joaquin Berrios Piano Music

Ancestros Piano Music Vol 1

  • Artist: Joaquin Berrios
  • Release Date: 2001
  • Genre: Piano Music
  • Produced By: KZK Records LLC

A series of improvised songs on Piano, melancholic and effervescent at times, is according to the composer “a celebration of dreams and freedom”.
The album, dedicated to his ancestors, reflects a very special place in the interior world of the composer. in contrast to “solo” an album of the same period, here, there’s pause and a delicate touch, there’s simplicity in all it’s beauty. The music has reminiscences of some of the work from Erik Satie…the French composer, in that is simple yet profound. It’s a great album to reflect on life and appease mind and soul. Highly recommended for twilight listening and daily decompression.

• Recorded at KZK Studios CHILE 2000
• Piano performed by Joaquin Berrios

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