"SOLO" Album Joaquin Berrios 2001


  • Artist: Joaquin Berrios
  • Release Date: 2001
  • Genre: Progresive Rock
  • Produced By: KZK Records

An enticing and complex piece of work, with roots in the electronic and savage world of Rock. Eclectically composed, this conceptual piece, narrates the different states of mind, altered, euphoric, depressed and socially conscious of the artist at the down of the new century. The sound of the album, is based on a synth, guitars and vocals, with Berrios, again, performing all the instruments.
This is a very personal sonic experience, a glimpse in to the psyche of the composer…enjoy it with a cold beer and a big fat joint.

• Recorded at Filmocentro Studios Chile 2000
• All Instruments performed by Joaquin Berrios
• Engineered and Mixed by Ivan Quiroz
• Mastered by Joaquin Garcia


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