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E.R.I.C. Music Video "BLAME" KZK Records

Eric Wagner Recording at KZK

Crash Video Shoot

Crash Video Recording

Sleep - The Perro Grande Project

Sleep – The Perro Grande Project E.P. Release

Sofia Embrujo

Sofia Embrujo is finally out and as a free download!!

CD Release Event

In The Garden Of Eve CD Release 2016

In the Garden of Eve is about to be released!!

the long awaited work of Joaquin Berrios is finally out!! A collection of songs that span from the end of the nineties to today. Storytelling and memories coexist in this most visual Music. Like in an opera, the characters move in their self-contained world… Berrios gave them life and let them be in this unique sonic stage.
Fantastic performances by renown and soon to be discovered Talent of the South Florida Scene. Enjoy the powerful an magic Voice of Joana Hughes bewitching audiences, the wild tones of Michael Sinisgalli transforming the Air in to magical Sound and the powerful beats of Phoenix Rivera shaking the Earth. Berrios, a true multi instrumentalist, played Bass, Piano, Guitars and vocals.
The Album was mastered by Brian Lucey, LA based Mastering Engineer best known for his work with the Black Keys.


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