The Happy Fridays are Back!!

Happy Fridays Rock Band

The dormant Volcano…ain’t dormant no more!!

The unique ensemble, forged by Wizards in the art of sound, erupts once again in the Miami Rock scene!! Prepare yourself for a spiritual trip into the origins of creation, the unknown boundaries of the senses & the collective consciousness that define the Arts!


The Rhythm Section, the Beating Heart and Guts of the Temple, is the driving force sustaining the Ethereal desires of Angels, Devils, and Muses…The Blood of Rock.

Phoenix Rivera commanding the Drums. A true virtuoso, that has traveled the World lifting Rock luminaries such as “The Eurythmics”, or “Robert Palmer”…among may others, and has also been equally at Home with Jazz Icons the likes of “Wynton Marsalis or “Michael Brecker”.
The Son of Legendary Latin Jazz Saxophone player Mario Rivera, Phoenix has Music flowing thru his veins, the rhythm of Time and the precision of the Big Ben.



Gaston Zukowski armed with his Bass, Master Surfer of the deepest waves of Sound. He tames the wildest storms while swaying the Oceans of Music with the flow of his powerful current…No ship shall sink under this solid Force.
He has shared the stage with Heroes of Argentinean Rock culture like Charly Garcia, Stuka from “Los Violadores”, members of “Riff”, and local legends such as “The Gardi’s”, “Tereso”, “La Flotabanda”…to name a few.



Joaquin Berrios is the voice. A catalyst for madness, a creator and a Destroyer…Yin & Yang trapped in eternal confrontation…thru Music he’s able to channel this Human condition.
Many Years walking this Earth has brought this creature from the Southern frontier of Human civilization to the Sunshine state. “Mas sabe el Diablo por Viejo que por Diablo…” “More knows the Devil because he’s Old than for he’s devilish”



The Full Band with Tenor Saxophone, Female Vocals and extra Guitar may also be available according to booking specs!



Print Media


    • New Times Interview
      “Everyone thought this would be a great time to be creative, but it’s hard to get anything done that’s new,”… More >>>

      Joaquin Berrios



    • The Jitney
      We’ve all had visceral reactions to politics the last few years. The Chilean born, South Beach based musician Joaquin Berrios had a musical reaction.

      Phoenix Rivera and Gaston Zukowski

      Phoenix and Gaston


    • Suburbano
      La experiencia sirvió para rodar por América Latina y recaer en la ciudad de Miami, donde desde hace varios años Berríos edita discos

      Michael Sinisgalli

      Michael Sinisgalli

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