Big Bang…Boom!!

Big Bang Boom

Big Bang… Boom!! This piece of KZK history has been recovered from the death. The Music was recorded in Santiago Chile in the year of 1991…was never played again for more than 25 years!!

The 1/4″ Tape stayed for two decades in a closet in Chile, Berrios Hometown and for another five years in Florida…Finally was taken to “The hit Factory Studios” in Miami were it had to be “Baked”, a process of bringing back to life very old recordings damaged with absorbed moisture, that make them, the tape, “sticky and unplayable. After that, the Music was transferred by Engineer Dave Poler to Digital media with a 96KHz 24bit resolution. This new Masters were revisited and cleaned by Berrios himself to present in 2016 this honest and inspiring piece of the artist youth.

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